Advantages of seamless steel pipe

Toady, it is very obvious that there are various kinds of steel pipes that can be found easily both in
domestic and international markets. They are designed with different materials and manufacturing
techniques to satisfy different kinds of requirements of practical purposes. Since we have talk enough
more about several common types of pipe, we will give more information of another important type of
pipe : seamless steel pipe.

Roughly speaking, seamless steel pipe manufacturing process starts with a solid, round steel billet. This billet is then heated to great temperatures and stretched and pulled over a form until it takes the shape of a hollow tube. It is different from the welded pipe which is produced by rolling a sheet of steel into a tube and welding the seam. Traditionally, the seam of welded pipes has been viewed as a weak spot, vulnerable to failure and corrosion. The main perceived advantage of seamless pipes is that they don’t have a weld seam. Hence the tensile strength of seamless steel pipe is uniform around the entire circumference of pipe. In that regard, seamless pipe can bear higher pressure than the welded steel pipe. Today, this type of pipe has been widely used for pipelines around the world.

In the daily procurement of pipe, we can always find that a few end users are wondering how to make a right choice between the welded tube and seamless pipe. As a professional steel pipe manufacturer in India, we would like to talk simply about the advantages of seamless pipe in use specifically.

Advantages Of Seamless Steel Pipe - Scoda Tubes Ltd.

Increased Pressure Ratings

The greatest advantage of seamless steel pipes is their increased ability to withstand pressure. Because a seamless steel pipe has not been welded, it doesn’t have that seam, which makes it equally strong around the entire circumference of the pipe. Besides, it is also much easier to determine pressure calculations without being required to take weld quality into consideration.

Uniformity of Shape

Seamless steel pipe is a continuous extrusion of the alloy, meaning that it will have a round cross section that you can count on, which is helpful when you’re installing pipes or adding fittings.

Strength Under Loads

This type of pipe has greater strength under loading. Empty pipe must always support its own weight, but when a pipe is filled with material–or under load–it must also support that weight as well. Pipe failures and leaks in welded pipes usually occur at the welded seam. But because seamless pipe doesn’t have that seam, it isn’t subject to those failures.


In brief, different from the welded steel pipe, seamless steel pipe maintains its round cross-section since it is a continuous extrusion of the alloy. It takes advantages of true roundness of the circumference. The round cross-section is important during installation and the addition of pipe fittings. What’s more, seamless steel pipe is easier to design than the welded steel pipe. Compared with other steel pipes, the seamless pipe is more safe and reliable. However, it can not be denied that with reference to steel pipe price, seamless steel pipe can sometimes be more expensive than other forms of steel pipe, but it’s also more reliable. Although it is more expensive to use a seamless pipe, it allows for smaller wall thickness and pipe weight which can affect design and costs.

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