Certain knowledge about steel pipes used in oil and gas industries

Today, steel pipe is one important type of product widely used in every part of the oil and gas industry from production and processing to the distribution of refined products. Carbon steel pipe is the popular type of pipe used for pipelines especially the ones at high pressures. Carbon steel pipeline, operating underground, face corrosion problems and need corrosion protection systems such as coatings. Besides, these pipelines also need internal coatings for corrosion protection and also to improve flow efficiency.

steel pipes used in oil and gas industries

As almost all insiders know, pipeline corrosion is the deterioration of pipe material and the related system due to its interaction with the working environment. It affects pipeline and accessories made of both metals and non-metals. Pipeline corrosion—and the related catastrophic failures that it can cause—cost billions of dollars to the economy. As technology progresses in the Oil and Gas Industries, the demand for corrosive resistant duplex products becomes higher. The further the depth of exploration for offshore oil, the greater pressure is put on duplex and super duplex stainless steel pipes installed in harsh corrosive environments.

According to some records, by the late 1960s, with the further requirements of pipeline construction, steel pipe manufacturers began to form the pipe using a high frequency electric resistance weld, increasing the reliability of the longitudinal seam. Meanwhile, manufacturers universally applied improved coatings to new pipe, another advance in corrosion control. By the late 1990s, anti-corrosion coatings had improved further, and are tested before being placed in service to ensure that they have not been damaged during transport and construction. Pipelines are now installed with deeper cover, and bored crossings under highways and rivers provide greater protection and less potential for damage during installation.

Implications for Pipeline safety

The main points concerning the durability of steel as it affects pipeline safety are as follows. Firstly, the steel itself does not degrade with the passage of time. Eighty-year-old pipe, if properly protected, exhibits the same properties if tested today as it would have if tested 80 years age. Secondly, while the lower initial performance characteristics of older materials and their possible exposure to in-service degradation (before cathodic protection, for instance) is a concern, current inspections and/or testing of pipelines comprised of older materials are used to detect potential problems before failure. Thirdly, the continued satisfactory performance of any pipeline, old or new, requires levels of inspection and maintenance appropriate to the performance characteristics of the materials and the severity of degrading factors to which the pipeline has been exposed in its operating environment. Finally, new technology can identify and characterize ever-smaller defects, thus improving performance further.

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