Heat Exchanger & Advantages of Stainless Steel Tubing

Heat exchanger is a device that absorbs the heat energy from one body and releases the heat energy of another body by decreasing its temperature. In simple terms, a device designed to efficiently transfer or exchange heat from one matter to another (between a solid object and a fluid, or two fluids).

Let’s take an example of water and steam at 200K and 400K respectively. When both the fluids pass through each other (one over the other), the temperature of the water rises from 200K to 270K whereas the temperature of steam decreased from 400K to 300K. This phenomenon of decrease and increase of temperatures depend on the volume of both fluids.

One classic example of heat exchanger is found in an Internal Combustion Engine in which a circulating fluid known as engine coolant flows through radiator coils and air flows past the coils, which cools the coolant and heats the incoming air.

There are various types of heat exchangers.

• Shell and tube heat exchanger
• Plate heat exchangers
• Plate and shell heat exchanger
• Adiabatic wheel heat exchanger
• Plate fin heat exchanger
• Pillow plate heat exchanger
• Fluid heat exchangers
• Waste heat recovery units
• Dynamic scraped surface heat exchanger
• Phase-change heat exchangers
• Direct contact heat exchangers
• Micro-channel heat exchangers

Various daily life practices where Heat Exchangers are used and can be seen are as:

• Room Heaters
• Air-Conditioners
• Refrigerators
• Radiators of automobiles
• Air Preheater/ Economiser in Thermal Power Plants
• Regenerator in Gas Turbines
• In Petro-Chemical Industries/ Refineries
• In Beer and Wine making Industries

Advantages of Stainless Steel Tubes in Heat Exchanger

Nowadays there are heat exchangers made up of completely different materials. The choice of the right material is decisive for the function and its service life. For this reason, special attention should be paid to that from the beginning.

During the construction of heat exchanger, high demands are made on the materials used inside. The heat stresses due to large temperature differences can create cracks in the material which can cause mechanical influences like vibrations, steam hammers as well as high pressure within the devices create huge challenges on the material used inside the exchanger.

Corrosion and deposits from stone or different residues, for instance, are vital. They increase the maintenance needs of the exchanger if not considered or thought of well in advance. Each maintenance step incurs money and causes a potential partial failure or complete failure of the system; hence, the maintenance interval should be reduced at the start and a very robust material should be used inside the exchanger to overcome all challenges.

Stainless steel tubing: The best material for heat exchanger

Stainless steel has been tested to be a very reliable and sturdy material. Heat exchangers made up of chrome steel are significantly resistant to corrosion and deposits of stone and different residues are minimized.

Common tube bundle heat exchangers and special heat exchangers could use stainless steel without any downsides. If single components are welded to each other, every welded seam forever marks a possible weak spot. Hence, always rely on an experienced manufacturer when it comes to quality Stainless Steel tubes due to reasons of reliability during operation.

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