Welded Steel Pipe Classification

As we have talked before, welded steel pipe is manufactured by steel plate or steel strip through bending and then welding. It is generally divided into straight seam welded pipe and spiral welded pipe.

According to the application, it is divided into general welded pipe, galvanized welded pipe, oxygen blowing metric welded pipe, deep well pump pipe, auto tube, and etc.

In the current steel market, welded steel pipe has gained much more popularity among couples of users from different industries around the world.

In general, there are four major types of welded steel pipe classification as follows:

Straight Seam Welded Pipe

The manufacturing technology of straight seam welded pipe is relatively simple, which has high production efficiency, low cost, and rapid development in a mill. As a result, this type of pipe has a good advantage of steel pipe price over other ordinary types of pipe in the market today.

Straight seam welded pipe is often used in public waterworks, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, electric power industry, agricultural irrigation, and urban construction projects.

Difference between Seamless Pipe and Welded Pipe

Spiral welded pipe

In real life, we can often see a lot of large round steel pipe used in some particular applications. Modern spiral welded steel pipe is truly an “engineered” product. The manufacturing process offers a great deal of flexibility regarding diameter, thickness, and lengths.

Spiral welded pipe is made from various grades of steel coil in a mill based on the specific requirements of projects in life. In addition, the spiral weld provides a flawless weld with 100% seam efficiency. In extreme applications, the spiral weld can also be 100% ultrasonically tested per API 1104 standards.

General Welded Pipe

This type of pipe has been widely used for low-pressure liquid. It is manufactured by combining Q195A, Q215A, Q235A steel with other mild steel in a mill.

In most cases, steel pipe needs to be tested through pipe pressure, bending, flattening and some experiments, and there are some specific requirements for the surface quality. In addition, welded pipe wall thickness is divided into two kinds: threaded steel pipe and threadless steel pipe.

Oxygen Welded Pipe

This type of pipe is used for steelmaking oxygen tube. It generally uses a small diameter welding pipe. Its specifications range from 3/8 inch to 2 inches. The welding is made of With 8, 10, 15, 20, or Q195 steel strip. For corrosion protection, some of them need aluminized processing.


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